Our Fish Spas

Our Gulf Stream Solo™ fish spa has been designed and manufactured to unparalleled standards.

We have focused on your needs and reputation, the welfare and safety of your clients and naturally the welfare and health of our very special garra rufa fish.

The very best quality products coupled with exacting manufacturing standards and quality assurance means that not only can you be confident your spa is the best available but it will provide a safe and reliable service to your business.

We utilise the very latest technology water heater and 5 stage filtration system. We also incorporate a powerful UV steriliser and market leading ozone generator providing a clean and healthy environment for your clients.

Our seating unit has been designed with customer comfort and safety in mind.  It has no sharp edges, is professionally powder coated and acts as a failsafe water trap in the unlikely event of a filter or water pipe leak.

Naturally we provide a ‘real leather’ seat cushion enhancing both our product and your reputation.

Our Spa Dimensions:
Gulf Stream Solo™ – Length 1m x Width 0.55m x Height 0.7m
Gulf Stream Duo™ – Length 1m x Width 1.1m x Height 0.7m (Config. A)
Gulf Stream Duo™ – Length 2m x Width 0.55 x Height 0.7m (Config. B)

For your peace of mind we guarantee our compliance, our water quality and our fish!